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Who is Datagod?

Jace Hall created this verse to let you know who Datagod is. Video was created by Datagod.

Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival


I traveled to the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival in Banning, California.  I was both a competitor (Arcade Decathalon) and a special guest!  I saw my friends, made tons of new ones, and had a great time.



Kong Off 4

KongOff4_Cameras_01The Kong Off 4 was held during the ReplayFX retro festival in Pittsburgh.  Whatever preconceptions you have of Pittsburgh, ignore them.  I was expecting an old dirty city, but what I found was a vibrant city rejuvenating itself.  We stayed about 5 miles away from the convention center, along one of the rivers that used to be filled with steel mills.  Today that section of the city is bursting with beautiful hotels, parks, technology focused companies, etc.  People were biking, walking, jogging all over the place.

ReplayFX is held in a huge convention center in the middle of down town.  There were 700+ pinball machines and arcade machines all set up for free play.  One section contained 70+ home console machines, with tons of games available to play.  They also had 5 inflatable structures for the kids to go crazy on (brilliant idea!).  Our kids played for hours on end, switching back and forth between the machines and the play structures.

I captured 2000 images of the tournament, the players, the facility, the machines.  The shooting conditions were challenging, as the lighting was somewhat dependent on outdoor conditions (translucent fabric roof).  All in all, I am very happy with my photos.  My family had a fantastic time, I got to hang out with my friends and even make new ones.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.  If you want to use any of my images, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.







Soft Launch

SteveWagner_01There are a lot of exciting things happening in the classic gaming world.  Twin Galaxies is adjudicating scores and creating new tracks, Walter Day’s trading card website has launched, arcades are popping up all over the place, etc.

Today is the soft launch for this site, just to bring in a bit of traffic and test things out.  I’ll have many more photos soon.

Take a peek, push some buttons, enjoy the show.